Best Root Apps For Your Android Phone in 2024

People like rooting their device as it brings lots of benefits to the Android user. Speaking of the Root apps there are lots that are available to download. Here we are going to talk about Best Apps for Android. Rooting your device gives you the access to perform any functions. And that are normally not possible to perform on your Android device. By installing the root apps on your smartphone you can perform several functions. One of the most impressive features of a rooting app is you can easily remove the pre-installed application from your device.

Speaking of the benefits, you can enjoy in your Android device after you finish rooting. One is you will be able to install a custom ROM, blocks the irritating ads that appears on your apps. Install the normally unsupported apps, extend battery life on your phone and enable lots more features on your device. So without further delay let’s know about some latest and best root apps for android smartphone with step by step guide.

Best Root Apps For Your Android Phone in 2021:

Lucky Patcher

By using Lucky patcher you can modify the applications that are already installed on your device. With this tool you can remove the ads and change the permission of the app. And to install Lucky Patcher on your phone you have to root your device. Into the menu of the tool, you will get several options to control the behavior of the apps installed on phone. It removes the license verification of the app stores. And remove Google Ads or Create Modified Apk file and manual patcher option, etc.


Greenify is an amazing and nice root app for your android phone. If you are facing problem like device working slowly and battery is getting drained faster? To avoid this problem you must Greenify as it has the solution to all of it. It detects the apps that is eating up battery power or slowing down your device. And putting the applications into hibernation, letting your phone work smoothly than before. It has tons of impressive features that include GCM push for the apps that are hibernated. And also the app smartly detect “who” woke the hibernated apps and many more. this app is available on google ply store.   


You don’t have to worry even if you have deleted any media files by mistakenly from your phone. Dumpster is the right choice to back up your deleted files as it works as a Recycle Bin in Android. It impressively saves all the deleted files that are done mistakenly and you can easily restore them. Keep your personal images private by using the features of Dumpster’s premium. Apart from that you can enjoy cloud storage facilities, auto clean mode, customize-able themes and designs.


Tasker is a very useful root application tool in a rooted Android device. It maintains all the functions like managing the current task that is active on your phone. It comes with a plugin support and you will be able to design screen overlays of your own. Not only that, Tasker also works as an app creator using which you can create and either share or sell the app.  Even though this app is supported on an un-rooted devices, but if you run it on a rooted device then it work more perfectly.

Adblock Plus

Adblock plus is a must app on your rooted android phone. It comes out with a complete tutorial that is for helping you out to configure in just a couple of time. By installing this app on your phone, you can block the irritating ads that pops-up on your phone screen. This means you can browse any website without the interference of annoying ads. Also it helps to run your device very smoothly than ever before. Adblock plus stop the invalid re-direction on your rooted device and keep it safe.


Link2SD is an application manager that gives the permission to move apps from phone storage to SD Card. Now you can manager any of the application easily that is installed into your device. It has tons of features to provide one is the link internal data of the application into SD Card. This app clears the cache in automatic mode and also uninstalls the system apps. Also you can check on the storage details of SD Card and the internal memory too.

Titanium Backup

Titanium backup is an application for your Android phone that gives you files back up option. And then restore the files or the data and application. This root apps allows you to move the application from internal memory to SD Card. Backup any files or restore data and sync files to or form the box of manual or schedule. Apart from that, you can create the updated Zip of your own that consists of application and data too. Use the unlimited schedules and replace the Android ID of your device by using the backup and reset factory option.

Trickster Mod

Trickster Mod is a powerful tool that can tweak several settings, that involves kernel and many more mod on your device. It is rich in its features and that includes ADB over the WLAN and CPU Statistics. Also you will be able to set Device host name and use the frequency lock. Make the use of the touch filter control that comes along the kernel supports. And you will also get the launcher shortcuts for most of the application available in your phone.


Xmodgames is powerful tool that gives you the access to play game by applying mods. It is especially used for hacking several games and making it more fun and simple to play.The supported games in the list include Clash of clans, Mine craft, Subway Surfers and lots more. Choose any of your favorite game and start hacking form today. This app is designed with well user-interface and friendly user-interface and is free to use.

Final Words:

So we have gathered here all the complete information of the Top Best Root Apps for Android phone 2018. These are the list of the app that is necessary to use on your rooted device. All of these applications are filled with different features and help you to manage Android device. Install any of these apps on your phone and start to get benefit by today. if you think this is a helpful post, then share it with any sharing media icon. also you give us your valuable suggestion or any comment in comment section to make us better.