Top 18 Best Torrent Sites to Download Your Favorite Torrents

Nowadays, the craze of movie lovers to download a file from the Torrent websites become very much high compared to the earlier. However, some of the popular Torrent websites are there which are already removed from the web. So, according to the user need, we are going to tell you some most popular Torrent websites. Here all the details will discuss briefly with downloading links. The name of the sites, discussed here, is best and currently active as well in the web. If we talk about the features, then these websites will provide you with the best features which is needed by every movie lovers at present days.

As we already told you that, the percentage of torrent users regularly increases to a huge number. Torrent is famous and currently popular to all because provides you with all the media content as well as good file downloading speed. Media like Movies, Videos, Mp3s, TV series, Shows etc. are there which you can get to download free from the torrent. Even most of the movies and TV series are available in popular Torrent websites which remain absent in the third party sites. So let us have a look on the list of most popular Torrent websites to download free movies, TV shows, songs and many more.

List of Most Popular Torrent Websites:

Torrent is an additional file, which is remaining related or associated to the original media file. Thus, when you are going to download the media file, that torrent file will help you download it at a high speed. The speed in Torrent gets increased using the Peers, Leechers, and Seeders. These things are used to share, download and upload the file in the best way ever. also there are many ways from where you can download or stream your movies and TV shows, because in 2023 there are many sites like putlockers, soap2day, 123movies, yesmovies and more. So let’s have a look at the top 18 most popular Torrent websites.

Extra Torrent

The first popular Torrent Website to download media files is Extra Torrent. Recently this website becomes much popular by gaining the trust of every user across the world. So, this website is the first choice from our side for you all. If you love movies, TV series, Music etc. then visit this website once to explore its whole features. Therefore, you can easily say that this is one of the best websites among the top 20 websites to download torrent files. Sometimes if you are facing any problem while opening this website then try to download and install the VPN in your browser for hassle free download and browse files in Torrent site.

The Pirate Bay

Another well-known Torrent website to download torrent files is The Pirate Bay. This site is also called the King of the torrent site, which gained the trust among the users in a good percentage. In the Pirate Bay website, you will get movies, videos, TV shows, Applications and many more. According to our top list, this site ranked on the second number and until now you can say that for Indian users, this is the best torrent site. Those users, who love to download the files from Torrent website, choose this Pirate Bay website only. This site also gets updated on regular basis to provide you with the best user experience.


Users who want to use the user-friendly website then YTS.AG is there for you. This Torrent website is very much useful as like above-discussed websites.  But here you will find fewer ads, which annoy the users while using this site. The quantities of the torrent, which are available on this site, are very less but they are most useful uploads only. YTS.AG has become very much popular now a day because it beats all its similar level website competitors. This website also provides you the Full HD quality of movies, which you can easily watch after download on your PC and smart TV as well.


In 2008, the developer team has started the project to develop this website RARBG. Finally, on 2015, this website came in the highlight after the other sites have gone down. Recently this site has come in the top list where you can able to download the Medias easily. The Media include items like Movies, TV Shows, Music, Software, and many more. The overall user interface of this site is very much user-friendly such that you can navigate anywhere by simply following the menu. If you are watching that some of the contents are not available in the home screen then you can search for it directly on the top search box as well.


1337X is the well-known Torrent website for the game and movie lovers. If you are an old torrent user then you must know about the name of 1337X. Sometimes this site is showing blocked in India but you need not worry, as VPN is there to sort this issue. You need to install VPN in your browser to get the hassle-free torrent browsing. As the performance of this site is good, so the traffic is also increasing on this site gradually. This site is also getting the regular updates, as the community members of this site remain always active. Feel free to visit this site to download movies, games, software, TV shows and more.

Lime Torrent

Lime Torrent is now ranking among the top 10 most popular Torrent Website list. As all the other competitors of this site went down so it has the best rank due to its features and performance. With the help of this torrent site, you can download movies, Anime, Software, Games, TV shows, Music and videos. The overall interface of this website is very much user-friendly to use by any users at any time. The latest trending contents are always available on the homepage of this website. Therefore, you can download them with the help of Torrent in a single click only.

Torrent Downloads

From the title of the site, you can guess that what actually this website will provide to us. This is also a top-ranked torrent website to download contents at a high speed. The simple and easy interface of this website gives the users an awesome experience while navigating through this site. Due to its performance, now a day the Torrent download site has come to a spotlight in the view of every user. Therefore, every month this site has achieved a million users due to their features and updates. All the new contents like TV shows, movies, etc. are updated as soon as possible from the time of release.


At early EZ TV.AG was there which especially famous for sharing the TV series to the viewers. However, that group was closed and it has newly re-born with their torrent server now. When you will visit this website, you can say that there are a lot of contents currently available on their site. Including movies and TV shows, you can download much more contents at a high download speed from this torrent website only. The new teams of this website really work a lot to provide the users a quality of contents to download in the best quality they want. Feel free to visit this website at any time and make sure you have VPN installed to get the hassle-free browsing.


If you want to change your taste from the old Torrent site then go to the Torrentz2 site now. This website is specially build to download the content like dual audio English and Hindi movies, Telugu Movies, and other regional language based movies as well. Now a day, this site is also ranked among the top 10-torrent download site, which is always, remain updated with the latest movies and other stuff. If you want to download, the latest movies then visit this site on regular basis and choose the file according to your need. Directly you can also search in the box if you facing any problem to find the content from the default list.

As like other popular torrent websites, is the all-time best website to download Movies, Music, and TV shows only. Due to some of the security and regulation issues, this site was remain blocked for a certain amount of time. However, currently, all the issues have been recovered and now this site is active and online for all. All the torrent hunters are also serving by this site to download movies at a high speed without any issues. One of the exceptional features of this site is that it provides you the site to install in your PC. After that, you can start the download of content in an easy way than ever. All the popular torrents and the movies are available to download in a single click from the home page of this site.

Another simple and effective torrent search website is This website is very much simple to use as you can download files without facing any types of issues. also provide you the facility to download as well as upload the media files. There is nothing much special to discuss this site now. Therefore, you can visit this site once to download the contents from the torrent.

iso Hunt

Iso hunt is a popular and well-known Torrent website, which is also famous for the Bit Torrent and peer-to-peer search engine. At early the Motion Pictures Association of America removed this site in 2013. Now, this site has been already relaunched in the web with the new domain This website now provides you almost all the contents like Movies, Software, Anime, Music, Games and many more items as well. This website is very much neat and clean to use at any time. Most of the time you can open this site in your browser without any issue. But in case if you are not able to open this site then install the VPN in your browser to remove this issue. is a website, which combined the most useful torrent site together to provide you the best performance. Besides that, you are also getting the specialized private tracker in multi search of the torrent file. This is the best website to download the music and movies as it is only designed for the movies and music lovers only. The torrent VPN is also available in this site if you are facing any issue while browsing through this site. To save your time, you can also search the torrent directly on the top search box and select the file to download that instantly.


Zooqle is the new website, which offers you approx. 1.5 million of popular and verified torrents in it. This website is created in such a way that you can easily search and download files from there. All the media contents of this site are categorized in a superior way to arrange them clearly. After opening this website, you can browse every games, movies, games, music, and animations as well. So, we can surely say that this Zooqle website will surely satisfy your need in terms of download the torrent files in the best way that you want. is the torrent website, which generally use the Google search to find out the required torrent link. After that, the link is interlinked with their own database to provide you with the actual content. The content, which is available in the database, is huge and thus you can acquire all the needful contents from their site only. The search bar is also able to use in your default web browser, which helps you to search the required torrent faster and easier as well. For faster downloading and to get the trending content, this is the best website for you all.

Torrent Leech

Torrent Leech is an invite based torrent website, which provides you with the same features like above all. However, to use Torrent Leech for the initial time, you need to register in this site. After that, a user can easily use the Torrent Leech like other torrent websites only. The signup process in this site is only one time and then you can easily access their database to download the file, as you need. This site also ranks among the top site where you can find the latest movies, music, TV shows, and any other contents too. Torrent Leech also gets updated on regular basis to provide you with the best user experience.

Sumo Torrent

Sumo Torrent is a torrent website which is now famous for most of the movie lovers. Every day minimum, four to five thousands of torrents are included to provide you with the maximum performance as possible. This site is created for fast, safe and perfect file download from the torrent server. If you are not getting the content for which you are seeking for then you can wait or request for it through this site only.  The main advantage of using the Sumo Torrent website is that you will not face any trouble while downloading and upload a file from this website.

Bit torrent

Another trending torrent website on the internet to download torrent file is Bit The main feature provided by this website is that you can make it work with any uTorrent Client only. This torrent website is maintaining their minimalistic design and always gets updated with the latest Movies, TV Shows, Cracks, Games, Software and more. The category wise browsing is also available in this site, which makes the user experience more clear and easy as well. Once go through this website and download the content, which you need from there. The overall download speed and browsing through this site are very faster than others.


One of the well-known and popular torrent website to download the music and videos is One of the best things you will find in this site id that besides the English movies, you can also find the newly released Bollywood movies on the top trending list only. The overall user interface of this site is so simple to use and you can find the many contents here. A user can download Game, Music, Book, TV shows and other files from this website only. Open this website now to download the latest movies and other kinds of stuff as well.

Frozen Layer

Frozen Layer is a website, which may be a new torrent file downloading website for you. This website is only famous for the Manga and Anime file to download. Here you can get many index pages to find your files in a better way. This site also provides you with the easy navigation system, which helps the users to navigate through the pages easily. So feel free to search all the favorite anime files and the Manga episodes from this site only.

Legit Torrents

Users who want to download 100% free Media files on their PC then visit Legit Torrents site now. This website holds up more than 20 TB of the data with 30 thousands of register user from all world. Users who want to download the safe and favorite contents, they can surely visit this website easily. You can browse this website from every web browser without any issue. After opening this website, the latest and trending media files will display in the home screen only.


These are the most popular torrent websites to download the movies, videos, TV shows and more. These sites are completely free to use for all and you can download the file through the U Torrent as well. All these websites are free to use and there is no need to pay a single penny for downloading too. Besides the above-discussed Torrent sites, you can also visit other torrent sites to download the torrent files. Hope you all liked this above post and feel free to share this above post with other movies lover as well.